Secular Franciscans

      Portiuncula Fraternity

                     Version 1.2  May21, 2024

The Secular Franciscan Order was established by St. Francis of Assisi more than 800 years ago. Our purpose is to bring the Gospel to life where we live and where we work. We look for ways to embrace the Gospel in our lives and try to help others to do likewise. 


The rule and life of the Secular Franciscans is this:  to observe the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by following the example of St. Francis of Assisi, who made Christ the inspiration and the center of his life with God and people

Secular Franciscans, therefore, should

Secular Franciscans with a gentle and courteous spirit accept all people as a gift of the Lord and an image of Christ. Mindful that they are bearers of peace which must be built up unceasingly, they should seek out ways of unity and fraternal harmony through dialogue.

Why Saint Francis of Assisi ?

Pope Francis tells us "What does he have to say to us, not merely with words - that is easy enough - but by his life?  His first and most essential witness is this: that being a Christian means having a living relationship with the person of Jesus; it means putting on Christ, being conformed to him  "

Saint John Paul said "As I think of this great saint, I am reminded of his delight in God's creation, his childlike simplicity, his poetic marriage to 'Lady Poverty', his missionary zeal and his desire to share fully in the Cross of Christ. What a splendid heritage he has handed on to those among you who are Franciscans, and to all of us.  "

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